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Electrolux Refrigerator Service Manual

Nofrost refrigerators with external electric wiring.
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Spares Operations Italy
Corso Lino Zanussi, 30
I - 33080 PORCIA / PN (ITALY)
Fax +39 0434 394096
Publication no.
599 35 61-04
With external

electric wiring


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   Summary of Contents for Electrolux Refrigerator

  • Page 1: Electric Wiring

    SERVICE MANUAL REFRIGERATION NOFROST © ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI S.p.A. Publication no. REFRIGERATORS Spares Operations Italy 599 35 61-04 Corso Lino Zanussi, 30 021218 With external I - 33080 PORCIA / PN (ITALY) ITZ/SERVICE/AA electric wiring Fax +39 0434 394096...

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    6.3 FREEZER COMPARTMENT : ........................... 17 6.4 COMPRESSOR COMPARTMENT: ........................18 7. ACCESSIBILITY ..............................20 7.1. CONTROL PANEL ACCESSIBILITY ....................... 20 7.2. REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT ACCESSIBILITY .................. 21 7.3. FREEZER COMPARTMENT ACCESSIBILITY....................22 8. TROUBLESHOOTING ............................24 NOFROST REFRIGERATORS WITH EXTERNAL ELECTRIC WIRING...

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  • Page 5: Introduction

    92588665301 20021220 Zanussi ZX57/3SI R600a 92588665601 20021224 Zanussi CZX165W R600a 92588665701 20030428 Zanussi CZX165SI R600a Zanussi- 92588666000 20030606 ZEBF249W R600a Electrolux 672.700 92588670000 20021220 Privileg R600a 2/40032 Zanussi- 92588670100 20030606 CZC16/9FA R600a Electrolux Zanussi- 92588670300 20030321 ZEBF250W R600a Electrolux 92588760103...

  • Page 6

    The new evaporator batteries are not interchangeable with the old ones. The evaporator batteries for the R134a version feature only one defrosting heater, while the evaporator batteries for the R600a version feature two defrosting heaters connected in parallel for safety reasons of the product. The thermal protections are connected in series to the defrosting heaters and are cabled together, therefore, they are not interchangeable singularly.

  • Page 7

    The NOFROST refrigerators consist of a refrigerator compartment A and a freezer compartment B. The cold produced by the battery-driven evaporator in the freezer compartment is then distributed through the refrigerator and freezer compartment by the fan located above the battery.

  • Page 8

    The thermostat bulb is located inside the flap and reacts both to the air temperature of the air coming out of nozzle 2, and to the air temperature inside the refrigerator compartment. The air returns to the air compartment through the foam duct at the bottom of the compartment, entering from nozzle 3 and leaving from nozzle 4.

  • Page 9: Refrigeration Circuit

    2. REFRIGERATION CIRCUIT Legend : 1. compressor 2. capacitor 3. filter 4. capillary 5. heat exchanger 6. battery evaporator NOFROST REFRIGERATORS WITH EXTERNAL ELECTRIC WIRING 9/25...

  • Page 10: Electric Wiring

    13. refrigerator lamp f. grey 15. light switch 24. battery fan 25. timer 26. safety thermal switch (+ 40 °C) 27. defrosting cut-out switch (+ 10 °C) 28.

  • Page 11: R600a Version

    3.2. R600a version ( check the specific diagram for each model ! ) Legend : terminal board of freezer compressor a. yellow-green motor protector b. brown thermostat refrigerator c. blue stylus defrosting heater d. white armoured defrosting heater e. black refrigerator lamp...

  • Page 12: Functional Diagram

    4. FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM 4.1. R134a version ( check the specific diagram for each model! ) Legend : terminal board of freezer compressor motor protector refrigerator thermostat armoured defrosting heater refrigerator lamp light switch battery fan timer safety thermal switch (+40°C) defrosting cut-out switch (+10°C)

  • Page 13: R600a Version

    4.2. R600a version ( check the specific diagram for each model! ) Legend : terminal board of freezer compressor motor protector refrigerator thermostat stylus defrosting heater armoured defrosting heater refrigerator lamp light switch ON/OFF pilot lamp battery fan timer safety thermal switch (+40°C) defrosting cut-out switch (+10°C)

  • Page 14: Operation

    5. OPERATION 5.1 NORMAL In NOFROST refrigerators, the humidity inside the compartments (freezer or refrigerator) accumulates on evaporator battery thanks to the air circulation, avoiding the formation of frost on food. During normal operation the cam of the timer closes contacts 3-4 thus powering the compressor and fan circuits.

  • Page 15: Defrosting

    5.2 DEFROSTING The ice on the battery must be removed regularly, therefore after about 14 hours of operating, the timer (25) switches from contact 3-4 to contact 3-2, disconnecting the compressor and the fan and switching on the stylus defrosting heater (9) and armoured (9a). For safety reasons and rules in the evaporator battery there are two defrosting heaters that are simultaneously powered, since they are connected in parallel.

  • Page 16: Components

    6.1 CONTROL PANEL : - pilot lamp B. - thermostat knob T. - light button P. 6.2 REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT : - flap C: it enables to regulate the flow of air coming from the freezer compartment through the knob M.

  • Page 17: Freezer Compartment

    6.3 FREEZER COMPARTMENT : - fan D; - thermal overload cut-outs E (for technical data see Tab. A); - evaporator battery F; - defrosting heater G (for technical data see Tab. B). Tab. A TYPE OF THERMAL OPERATING TEMPERATURE OVERLOAD CUT-OUT OPENING CLOSURE DEFROSTING...

  • Page 18: Compressor Compartment

    6.4 COMPRESSOR COMPARTMENT: At the back of the appliance there is the timer H; by using a screwdriver it is possible to rotate the shaft cam manually, only clockwise, to switch the 3-4 and 3-2 contacts switch. VIEW OF THE TIMER CONTACTS ELECTRIC CIRCTUIT OF THE TIMER Contact 4 : compressor;...

  • Page 19

    By rotating the timer shaft clockwise with a screwdriver, you can hear two snaps that indicate the contacts closure. As you can see in the picture (the position of the snaps is merely indicative), between the 1 snap and the 2 snap the run is minimum, between the 2 and the 1 snap the run is longer:...

  • Page 20: Accessibility

    7. ACCESSIBILITY 7.1. CONTROL PANEL ACCESSIBILITY To access the components of the control panel (thermostat, pilot lamp and light button) carry out the following operations: remove the 2 fixing screws from the hinges; remove the 2 fixing screws placed behind the appliance; push forward the top.

  • Page 21: Refrigerator Compartment Accessibility

    7.2. REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT ACCESSIBILITY To access the flap: remove the caps that cover the two screws; loosen the two screws; The thermostat bulb is inserted into the rear of the flap (see detail). NOFROST REFRIGERATORS WITH EXTERNAL ELECTRIC WIRING 21/25...

  • Page 22: Freezer Compartment Accessibility

    7.3. FREEZER COMPARTMENT ACCESSIBILITY To access the components of the freezer compartment it is necessary to remove I protection. Evaporator battery F evaporator battery is fixed to container K by two lateral clips L and by three hooks at the bottom N, removable with a screwdriver.

  • Page 23

    As the battery has been detached, it can be bent (see picture) to access the heaters paying attention to the pipes. Heaters and thermal cut-outs assembly The defrosting heaters are fitted to the wings and hooked to the battery by means of three clamps J; to replace them, unhook the clamps with a pliers (do not cut them because they can be used again) and remove the heaters from the wings paying...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING ! Unplug the appliance before operating. Discharged circuit: In case of refrigerating gas leak, the troubleshooting must be carried out not only in the traditional weldings, but also in the junctions with LOKRING ring of the pipes battery-capillary R and battery-return pipe S and in the weldings of cylinder T (for the R600a version).

  • Page 25

    Failed defrosting: If no defrosting cycle occurs, the possible causes could be: Sequence CAUSE POSSIBLE CAUSES HOW TO VERIFY n° POSSIBILI One or both Freeze the battery, then unplug the If the value of the resistances does defrosting heaters appliance, disconnect the connectors not correspond to the technical are interrupted of the heaters and check with the...

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