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Husqvarna 128RJ Operator's Manual

Husqvarna brush cutter operator's manual.
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EN (2-27)
FR (28-53)
ES (54-79)


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  • Page 1

    EN (2-27) FR (28-53) ES (54-79)

  • Page 2: Key To Symbols Symbols

    Arrows which show limits for handle mounting. Always wear approved protective gloves. Use anti- -slip and stable boots. Only use non- -metallic, flexible cutting attachments, i.e. trimmer heads with trimmer line. 545196786 Rev. 2 4/30/09 This product is in accordance with applicable EC directives.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Long- - term exposure to noise can result in permanent hearing impairment. So always use approved hearing protection. Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design and appearance of products without prior notice.

  • Page 4: What Is What

    4. Cutting attachment guard 19. Support flange 5. Shaft 20. Support cup 6. Loop handle 21. Drive disc 7. Throttle control 22. Trimmer head 8. Stop switch 23. Socket spanner 9. Throttle lock- -out 24. Transport guard 10. Harness clamp 25. Hex wrench 11.

  • Page 5: General Safety Precautions

    4/30/09 Personal protective equipment IMPORTANT! A clearing saw, brushcutter or trimmer can be dangerous if used incor- rectly or carelessly, and can cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. It is extremely important that you read and un- derstand the contents of this operator’s...

  • Page 6: Machine's Safety Equipment

    GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CLOTHING Wear clothes made of a strong fabric and avoid loose clothing that can catch on shrubs and branches. Always wear heavy, long pants. Do not wear jewelry, shorts sandals or go barefoot. Secure hair so it is above shoulder level.

  • Page 7

    See the section on “Technical data”. If an incorrect or faulty guard is fitted this can cause serious personal injury. Use of incorrectly wound trimmer line or an incorrect cutting attachment increases the level of vibration. WARNING: Overexposure to...

  • Page 8: Cutting Equipment

    “Technical data”. Refer to the instructions for the cutting attach- ment to check the correct way to load the trimmer line and the correct line diameter. Keep the teeth of the blade correctly sharp- ened! Follow our recommendations. Also re- fer to the instructions on the blade packaging.

  • Page 9

    S The length of the trimmer line is also im- portant. A longer trimmer line requires greater engine power than a shorter trimmer line of the same diameter.

  • Page 10: Assembly

    Tighten the wing nut. WARNING: Only grass blades/ grass cutters or trimmer heads/plastic blades may be used when the J- - handle is fitted. Saw blades must never be used with the J- - handle.

  • Page 11: Fitting Blades And Trimmer Heads

    Adjust the position of the harness clamp to balance the unit correctly. itting blades and trimmer heads S When fitting the cutting attachment it is extremely important that the raised section...

  • Page 12: Fitting The Trimmer Guard And Trimmer Head

    S Insert the locking pin (C) in the hole to lock the shaft. S Screw on the trimmer head (H) in the op- posite direction to the direction of rota- tion. S To dismantle, follow the instructions in the reverse order.

  • Page 13: Fuel Handling

    HUSQVARNA two- -stroke oil, which is specially formulated for our two- -stroke engines. Mixture 1:50 (2%). S If HUSQVARNA two- -stroke oil is not avail- able, you may use another two-stroke oil of good quality that is intended for air cooled engines.

  • Page 14: Fuelling

    FUEL HANDLING Mixing S Always mix the petrol and oil in a clean container intended for fuel. S Always start by flling half the amount of the petrol to be used. Then add the entire amount of oil. Mix (shake) the fuel mixture. Add the remaining amount of petrol.

  • Page 15: Starting And Stopping

    1.5 Nm. The tight- ening torque of the locking nut should be 35- -50 Nm. S Check that the trimmer head and trimmer guard are not damaged or cracked. Replace the trimmer head or trimmer guard if they have been exposed to impact or are cracked.

  • Page 16

    STARTING AND STOPPING NOTE: If engine dies, return blue engine choke lever to the closed position and repeat starting steps. CAUTION! Do not pull the starter cord all the way out and do not let go of the starter handle when the cord is fully extended. This can damage the machine.

  • Page 17: Working Techniques

    WORKING TECHNIQUES General working instructions IMPORTANT! This section describes the basic safety pre- cautions for working with trimmers. If you encounter a situation where you are uncer- tain how to proceed you should ask an ex- pert. Contact your servicing dealer. Avoid all usage which you consider to be beyond your capability.

  • Page 18

    Grass trimming with a trimmer head Trimming S Hold the trimmer head just above the ground at an angle. It is the end of the trimmer line that does the work. Let the trimmer line work at its own pace. Never press the trimmer line into the area to be cut.

  • Page 19

    S Do not allow the trimmer head to con- - stantly come into contact with the ground during normal cutting. Constant contact of this type can cause damage and wear to the trimmer head.

  • Page 20: Maintenance

    Carburetor Your Husqvarna product has been designed and manufactured to specifications that re- duce harmful emissions. After the engine has used 8- -10 tanks of fuel, the engine will be run- -in.

  • Page 21: Spark Plug

    However, be- fore using the machine you should check that the bevel gear is filled three- -quarters full with grease. Use HUSQVARNA special grease. The grease in the bevel gear does not nor- mally need to be changed except if repairs are carried out.

  • Page 22: Sharpening Grass Cutters And Grass Blades

    MAINTENANCE Sharpening grass cutters and grass blades WARNING: Always stop the en- gine before doing any work on the cutting attachment. This continues to rotate even after the throttle has been released. Ensure that the cut- ting attachment has stopped com- pletely and disconnect the HT lead from the spark plug before you start to work on it.

  • Page 23: Maintenance Schedule

    Check that the guard is undamaged and not cracked. Replace the guard if it has been exposed to impact or is cracked. Check that the trimmer head is undamaged and not cracked. Replace the trimmer head if necessary. Check that the locking nut of the cutting equipment is tightened correctly.

  • Page 24: Technical Data

    NOTE! The noise pressure level at operator’s ear and vibrations on the handles are mea- sured with all the approved cutting attachments for the machine. The table indicates the lowest and highest values. Model 128RJ (M10 LH arbor shaft thread) - - Centre hole in blades/cutters, ∅ 25,4 mm Approved accessories Type...

  • Page 25: Ec- -declaration Of Conformity (applies To Europe Only)

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY EC Declaration of Conformity (Only applies to Europe) We, Husqvarna AB, SE- -561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, Tel: +46- -36- -146000, as authorised representative in the Community, declare that the brushcutter model Husqvarna 128RJ from serial numbers 2009- -031N00001 and onwards (the year is clearly stated on the rating plate, followed by the serial number), comply with the requirements of the COUNCIL’S...

  • Page 26

    Trimmer Head Line Loading Instructions 545196786 Rev. 2 4/30/09 English--- 26...

  • Page 27

    Plastic Blades (Tri Cut) 545196786 Rev. 2 4/30/09 English--- 27...

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    Wi​thout that info I can not get my 128RJ brush cutter to start.

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