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Electrolux EFC 9020X Installation And Operating Instructions Manual Page 4

Air purification center wall-mounted with cord suspension.
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2. Before mounting and installation
The package contains the following parts: hood body including wall fixing rail, stainless steel
filters, by-pack kit, and cleaning set (the suspension cables are inside the by-pack kit)
Verify that the exhaust hood has not been damaged during transport. Should any damage exist,
the appliance must not be installed.
Ensure that installation and electrical connections are made by a qualified technician in
accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and official rules and regulations.
Make sure that a 3-wire mains cable or a socket outlet is available on site. The power cord exit
(10) is located on the top at the right rear corner inside the hood body.
Caution: The electrical connection must be made by a licensed electrician. The plug connector
must remain accessible after installation. A type 12 or type 13 socket outlet is to be provided. The
length of the connecting cable is ca. 2.4 m.
3. Mounting
The connection to the 230 volt mains as well as the entire installation of this exhaust hood
is unconditionally to be made at zero potential by a professional electrician.
Determine the height at which the appliance should be hung.
2. Draw an auxiliary line on the wall, which is to represent the bottom edge of the hood body.
Mark out the five drill points according to the hole pattern (Sketch 1) on the wall.
Now drill the five holes for the size 8 mm dowels.
Take the five size 8 mm dowels out of the by-pack kit and stick them into the drilled holes.
6. Take the wall fixing rail off from the rear side of the hood by unscrewing the three screws on the
topside of the hood.
7. Now fasten the wall fixing rail using five 5 x 50 mm round-head screws from the by-pack kit.
8. For the cable suspension you have to copy two drill holes onto the ceiling. See Sketch 2.
Now drill the two 10 mm holes into the ceiling.
10. Now take the two dowels and the two hanger bolts out of out of the by-pack kit and place them into
the two holes. Screw the two cover discs from the by-pack kit onto the hanger bolts.
11. Thread-in the cable suspension together with the cable tightener into the hood body from the top.
Screw in the cable tensioner into the retainer and lock it by tightening the headless screw. One
cable suspension per each retainer. (Figures 1 + 2).
Now hang in the hood body into the wall fixing rail.
13. Now screw the two cable suspensions together with the cable retainers onto the hanger bolts. In
doing so the steel cable may twist, however it will unstring again during workstep 15.
(Figure 3).
Now turn the three screws you had unscrewed before back into the hood body.
15. By exerting pressure on the cable tensioner the cable suspension is released and the length of the
steel cable can be varied. Using a water level the hood can be leveled out. (Figure 4).
Connect power cord of hood to supply line on site.
17. Cover up hood after mounting so that no dirt particles can fall on the top. Do not uncover the
device until the kitchen is completely erected and furnished and the final cleaning has been
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