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Solutions to Common
Check these
points to help save time and money.
Possible Solution
Nothing works.
Connect coffee maker power plug to dedicated,
grounded power receptacle.
Turn power on at junction box. Check for tripped
circuit breaker or blown fuse.
Turn on power switch. See Operating Instructions
Lights don't work.
Power outage. Contact power company.
Loud buzzing noise. No
coffee or water comes out of
See Nothing works above.
Turn on light switch.
Lights burned out. Call for service.
Fill water tank (Model E24CM75GSS).
Check to make sure the water supply is connected
and turned on (Model E24CM76GSS).
No coffee loaded in the ground coffee chute when
Decal button is pushed. Turn on power switch first
then, pour ground coffee in ground coffee chute.
Grinding noise while coffee
is being made.
Coffee maker is grinding coffee beans during coffee
noise when power
switch is first turned
on or
door is opened and closed.
Tamper motor initializing..normal
Water comes out with no
coffee or is pale brown. Loud
humming noise.
Coffee too strong or too
Coffee beans jammed in the dispenser. Turn off
power, remove all coffee beans from coffee bean
container. Check for beans that are jammed in the
dispenser and remove. Replace beans in the coffee
bean container and try brewing again.
Wrong type of coffee beans used (flavored, un-
roasted or partial coffee beans). Call for service if
Use stronger type of coffee beans.
Changing to a different roast level of coffee (light,
medium or dark roast coffee).
Coffee grinder out of adjustment. See Adjusting the
Coffee Grinder section.
Water goes into drip tray
when coffee is made.
Water or coffee drips out
of dispenser after coffee or
water dispensed.
Coffee maker clears water out of pipes after making
coffee. Normal operation.
Small amount of fluid dripping after dispensing is


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