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HUSQVARNA 326HE4 x-series Operator's Manual

Carb ii & epa ii.
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5X.SEmE s
Please read these instructions carefully and make
sure you understand them before using the machine.


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   Summary of Contents for HUSQVARNA 326HE4 x-series

  • Page 1

    326HDA5 5X.SEmE s Operator's manual (CARB II, EPA II) 326HE3 326HE4 X-SERIES X-SERIES Please read these instructions carefully and make English sure you understand them before using the machine.

  • Page 2: Symbols

    SYMBOL EXPLANATION Symbols Arrows which show limits for handle mounting. WARNING! The hedge trimmer be dangerous! Careless or incorrect use can result serious, even fatal injury. Always wear approved protective gloves. Read through the Operator's Manual carefully and understand the content before using the hedge trimmer.

  • Page 3

    EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT contains chemicals known to the State Yore-warranty rights and obligations ........of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. I For customer assistance call: 704-921-7000 or contact us at our website: English -...

  • Page 4

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal protective eqipment The machine's protective equipment IMPORTANT INFORMATION This section describes the hedge trimmer's protective equip- ment, its function and how checks and maintenance Incorrect or careless use of a hedge trimmer can carried out to ensure that it operates correctly. (See the chapter turn it into a dangerous tool that can cause "What is what "to locate where this equipment...

  • Page 5

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5. Muffler 4. Vibration damping system The hedge trimmer is The muffler is designed to give equipped with a vibration the lowest possible noise level damping system, which is and to direct the engine's designed to give as vibra- exhaust fumas away from the tion-free and comfortable...

  • Page 6

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Control, maintenance and service of the hedge trimmer's protective equipment IMPORTANT INFORMATION All service and repairs to the machine require special training. This applies especially to the machine's safety equipment. If the machine does not meet any of he controls listed below you should contact your service workshop.

  • Page 7

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5. Muffler 7. Blade guard (326HDA55) • Never use a machine that Check that the blade has a defpctive muffler. guard is not damaged distolted. • Check regularly that the muffler is secure. • Replace the blade guard if it is bent or damaged.

  • Page 8: General Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS General safety instructions Fuel safety IMPORTANT INFORMATION • Always use a fuel container with an anti- The machine is only designed for cutting spill valve. branches and twigs. • Never fill the machine Never use the machine if you are tired, if you while the engine is have consumed alcohol, or if you are taking rurming.

  • Page 9

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety instructions when Protective instructions while working using the hedge trimmer Always ensure you have a safe and firm working position. Always use both hands hold the machine. Hold the machine on the side of the body. Use your right hand operate the throttle.

  • Page 10

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Protective instructions when Changing the hedge trimmer angle work is completed • transport guard should always be fitted to the blades (326HE3, 326HE4) when the machine is not in use. • Undo the knob. • Grasp the handle on the •...

  • Page 11

    WHAT IS WHAT? 326HDA55 What is what on the hedge trimmer? 1. Blade 15 Choke 16. Fuel pump Grease nipple (3 pieces) Gearbox 17. Air filter cover 18. Clutch cover Blade guard (326HDA55) Shaft 19. Hand guard fastening screw (326HDA55, 326HE3) Front handle(326HDA55,326HE3) 20.

  • Page 12: Fitting The Handle (326he3, 326he4)

    ASSEMBLY Fitting the cutting attachment Fitting the hand guard and loop handle(326HDA55/326HE3) the hedge trimmer on a Assemble the hand guard fiat surface before fitting and loop handle by cutting attachment. Otherwise screwing them together. the cutting attachment Take care to align the not be fitted straight.

  • Page 13: Fuelling

    Two-stroke • For the best results use Min. 3 m • HUSQVARNA two- (10 ft) • stroke oil, which has been specially produced HUSQVARNA's small, two-stroke engirms. Mixing ratio 1:50 (2%).

  • Page 14: Start And Stop

    START AND STOP Control before starting Warm engine IGNITION: Inspect tile working area. Remove objects that can be Set the stop switch to the thrown. start position. Check the blades. Never use blades that are dull, CHOKE: cracked or damaged. Set the choke control in the...

  • Page 15

    MAINTENANCE Carburettor Basic setting • The carburettor is set to its basic setting when test run at Your Husqvarna product has been designed and caanufactured the factory. The basic setting is richer than the optimal to specifications that reduce harmful emissions.

  • Page 16

    MAINTENANCE Correctly adjusted carburettor Adjusting the idle speed, T A correctly adjusted carburettor means that the machine Adjust the idling speed with the screw T, if it is necessary accelerates without hesitation and the machine 4-cycles a little to readjust. First turn the at max speed.

  • Page 17: Muffler

    MAINTENANCE Muffler Cooling system NOTE! To maintain as low operat- Some mufflers are fitted with catalytic converters. See "Tech- ing temperature as possible nical data" to find out if your machine is equipped with a the engine is equipped with catalytic converter.

  • Page 18: Air Filter

    531 00 Oiling the air filter 60-75 (UL22). Always HUSQVARNA filter oil, order no. 503 47 Always lubricate the blade 73-01. The filter oil contains runnet.'s with special grease a solvent to make it spread 531 00 60=74 (UL 21) before everfly through the filter.

  • Page 19: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE Maintenance schedule Below you will find some general maintenance instructions. Daily maintenance • Check throttle trigger and throttle trigger lockout function. • Check stop switch function. • Check that the blades do not rotate while idling or when the choke is in tile strut position.

  • Page 20

    TECHNICAL DATA Technical data 326HDA55 326HE3 326HE4 Engine 1,50/24,5 1,50124,5 1,50/24,5 Displacenlent, iI1/cl_n 1,34/34 1,34134 1,34134 Cylinder bore, inch/ram 1,06/27 1,06/27 1,06/27 Stroke length, inch/ram 2 700 2 700 2 700 Idling speed, 10 000 10 000 10 000 Recommended max.

  • Page 21

    Any Husqvarrla Forest & Garden approved replacement part used servicing dealer or call Husqvarna Forest & Garden at 1- in the performance of any warranty maintenance or repairs on 800-487-5963. emission- related parts, will be provided without charge to the owner if the part is under warranty.

  • Page 22

    114 01 02-93 IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII III _oo_,,...

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