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CRAFTSMAN 358.350980 Operator's Manual

20 in. bar 3.1 2-cycle gasoline chain saw.
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3.1 2-Cycle
Model No.
- 20 in. Bar
• Assembly
Parts List
p. 30
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
before first use of this product.
For answers
to your questions
about this product:
Call 7 am-7
pm, Mon-Sat;
Sun, 10 am-7
(Hours listed are Central Time)
Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Rev. 6 9/30/10


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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 358.350980

  • Page 1

    Operator's Manual I CRRFTSMRN°I 3.1 2-Cycle GASOLINE CHAIN Model No. 358.350980 - 20 in. Bar • Safety • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Parts List • Espa_ol, p. 30 WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product.

  • Page 2

    Estates, IL 60179 Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.

  • Page 3

    *Coverage in Canada varies on some items. For full details call Sears Canada at 1-800-361-6665, Sears Installation Service For Sears professional installation of home appliances, garage door openers, water heaters, and other major home items, in the U.S.A. or Canada call 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.

  • Page 4

    • Do not start cutting until you have a WARNING: Always disconnect clear work area, secure footing, and, spark plug wire when making repairs ex- if you are felling trees, a planned re- cept for carburetor adjustments. treat path. cause a chain saw is a high-speed OPERATE YOUR SAW SAFELY wood-cutting tool, special precautions...

  • Page 5

    _[_? Kickback Path standers. Use only Craftsman acces- sories and replacement parts asrec- ommended. Never modify your saw. • Maintain chain s aw with care. • Keep u nit s harp a nd clean f orbetter and safer performance.

  • Page 6: Maintain Control

    • Never let t hemoving chain c ontact MAINTAIN CONTROL any object atthe tipofthe guide b ar. Stand to the left of the saw • Keep t he working area f ree from ob- Thumb on structions such asother trees, underside branches, rocks, fences, stumps,...

  • Page 7

    • Reduced-Kickback Guide Bar, chain brake should be made by an au- designed with asmall radius tipwhich thorized Sears Service Center. Take reduces the size ofthe kickback dan- your unit to the place of purchase ger z one o nthe bar t ip. T his t ype of purchased from a servicing dealer, or...

  • Page 8: Product View

    STANDARDS: This chain s aw islisted ing condition ofthese p arts. Failure to dosoisaviolation ofthe law. R efer to byUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. i nac- cordance with American National Stan- the Customer Responsibilities chart in theMAINTENANCE section. dards for G asoline-Powered Chain Saws Safety Requirements (ANSI...

  • Page 9

    This will cause permanent we recommend you use Craftsman engine damage and void the limited chain saw bar oil. If Craftsman bar oil warranty. is not available, you may use a good...

  • Page 10: Starting/stopping

    FUEL R EQUIREMENTS This engine requires the use of _WARNING: Do not attemptto minimum 87octane [R+M]/2 clean throw or drop-start the chain saw. gasoline. Doing so will put the operator at risk of IMPORTANT serious injury due to loss of control of the chain saw.

  • Page 11: Chain Brake

    a chain brake should be made by your CHOKE/FAST IDLE LEVER Sears Service Center. Take your unit to the place of purchase or to the near- est Sears Service Center. HALF • This saw is equipped with a chain FULL brake.

  • Page 12

    Natural conditions that can cause a tree • Keep the chain out of dirt and sand. Even a small amount of dirt will dull a to fall in a particular direction include: chain, increase the possibility of kick- • The wind direction and speed. •...

  • Page 13

    Final (felling) cut here, 2 inches _WARNING: Do not stand on the (5 cm) above center of notch. log being cut. Any portion can roll causing loss of footing and control. Do not stand downhill of the log being cut. IMPORTANT POINTS First cot...

  • Page 14

    Using a support stand _WARNING:Nevertum saw up- side down t oundercut. The saw can- 2 nd not b econtrolled inthis position. Always make y our first c ut o nthe com- pression side ofthe log. T he compres- sion side ofthelog iswhere t he pres- sure ofthe log's w eight is concentrated.

  • Page 15

    • Keep t he tree between you and the • Make your first cut 1/3 of the way chain. Cut from the side ofthe tree through the bottom of the limb. opposite the branch you are cutting. • Next make a 2nd cut all the way •...

  • Page 16

    CHECK FOR DAMAGED Adjusting WORN PARTS Contact your Sears Service Center for Screw/,// replacement of damaged or worn parts. _1 I' NOTE: It is normal for a small amount of oil to appear under the saw after engine stops. Do not confuse this with a leaking oil tank.

  • Page 17

    CHECK GUIDE B AR • See GUIDE BAR AND CHAIN OIL un- Conditions which r equire guide b ar der the OPERATION section. maintenance: INSPECT AND CLEAN UNIT AND • Saw cuts t oone side oratanangle. DECALS • Saw has tobe forced through the cut. •...

  • Page 18: Inspect Muffler & Spark Arresting Screen

    NOTE: Ensure air filter is correctly 2. Loosen 3 screws on cylinder cover. installed and fully seated in pocket Remove the cylinder cover. 3. Loosen and remove the screw from before repositioning wire clamp and the muffler exhaust outlet cover. reinstalling air filter cover.

  • Page 19: Chain Sharpening

    ,_WARNING: Disconnect spark plug before performing mainte- nance, service, or adjustments except for carburetor adjustments. CHAIN SHARPENING File Holder Line ,_WARNING: Improper chain • Sharpen cutters on one side ofthe chain first. File from the inside of sharpening techniques and/or depth each cutter to the outside.

  • Page 20: To Replace Chain

    TO REPLACE CHAIN: Check and lower depth gauges. 1. Move ON/STOP switch to the STOP Depth Gauge Tool _/_/-- File position. 2. Disengage chain brake. 3. Remove bar nuts. "'_,,,L/ Depth Gauge 4. Remove clutch cover. NOTE: If clutch cover can not be easily removed from the chain saw, ensure chain brake is disengaged •...

  • Page 21: Carburetor Adjustment

    CHAIN ADJUSTMENT ._..Cutters Depth Gauge See CHAIN TENSION in MAINTENANCE section. CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT _IkWARNING: The chain will be Drive Links moving during most of this procedure. Place chain over and behind clutch Wear your protective equipment drum, fitting the drive links in the observe all safety precautions.

  • Page 22

    Run engine at cannot reach sparks or open flames least 3 minutes after adding stabilizer. from water heaters, electric motors or Craftsman 40:1,2-cycle engine oil (air switches, furnaces, etc. cooled) is blended with fuel stabilizer. • Store chain saw with all guards in...

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE WARNING: Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug before perform- ing all of the recommended remedies below except remedies that require operation of the unit. TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY Engine will not 1. Move ON/STOP switch to ON. 1. ON/STOP switch in start or will run STOP position.

  • Page 24

    TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE - Continued TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY 1. Chain tension too 1. See "Check Chain Tension" in the Chain does not move when en- Maintenance Section. tight. gine is acceler- 2. Carburetor requires 2. Contact Sears Service (see back cover). ated.

  • Page 25

    YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS warranty rights and responsibilities, OBLIGATIONS: The U.S. Environ- you should contact your nearest au- mental Protection Agency and Sears thorized service center, call Sears at Brands Management Corporation, 1-800-469-4663, or send e-mail corre- U.S.A., are pleased to explain the spondence to emission.warranty@

  • Page 26

    HOW TOFILE ACLAIM: Ifyou have MAINTENANCE, REPLACEMENT any questions regarding your warranty AND REPAIR OF EMISSION rights and responsibilities, you should LATED PARTS: Any Sears approved contact your nearest authorized service replacement part used in the perfor- center, call Sears at1-800-469-4663, mance of any warranty maintenance orsend e-mail correspondence or repair on emission...

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