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CRAFTSMAN 351.233731 Owner's Manual

12 1/2" planer.
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12 1/2" PLANER
o safety instructions
o operating
o replacement
AND CO.: Chicago:
RL60684 U.S.A. ©
_art No. 4290.01


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  • Page 1

    SAVE THiS MANUAL FUTURE REFERENCE MODEL NO. 351.23373! 12 1/2" PLANER CAUTION: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS o safety instructions CAREFU LLY! o operating instructions o replacement parts Sold by SEARS: ROEBUCK AND CO.: Chicago: RL60684 U.S.A. © _art No. 4290.01 October 1991...

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    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON SEARS/CRAFTSMAN 12 1/2" Thickness Planer if within one full yeer from the date of purchase, this Sears Craftsmen 12 1/2" Thickness Planer fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it, free of charge.

  • Page 3

    CONTENTS Warranty ........ Operation ........ Maintenance ......General Safety instructions for Power Tools ....... Trouble Shooting ......Parts Illustration for Base ....Safety instructions for Planer ....Parts List for Base ......Motor Specifications Parts IHustra_ion for Roller Case ..... and Electrical Requirements ....

  • Page 4

    MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS & ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS MOTOR PROPERLY GROUNDED OUTLET The 12 1/2" thickness planer is supplied with a motor and with the wiring installed. The 120 Volt AC universal motor has the following specifications: Max. Developed Horsepower ....Voltage ........3-PRONG PLUG_I Amperes ........

  • Page 5

    ELECTRmCAL CONNECTIONS WARNING: MAKE SURE THE UNIT IS "OFF" AND DISCONNECTED FROM POWER SOURCE BEFORE INSPECTING ANY WIRING. The motor and wiring are installed as shown in the wiring diagram (See Figure 1). The motor is assembled with an approved three-conduc- tor cord to be used on 120 volts as indicated.

  • Page 6: Depth Of Cut Overview

    OPERATION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ADJUSTING THE DEPTH OF CUT WARNING: Always observe the following safety Refer to Figure 5. precautions. The height of the cutter blades is shown by indicators Whenever adjusting or replacing any parts on the planer (Ref. N0.24) located on either side of the planer in-feed turn the switch off and remove the plug from the power roller support, The indicators ride on scales (Ref.

  • Page 7

    OPERATION (Continued) ADJUSTING THE KNIFE HEIGHT Refer to Figure 5. Check the alignment of the support roller at each end To produce an even surface on a workpiece, the knife with a straightedge.Use the eccentric bushings (Key edges must be the same distance from the axis of the No.36) to adjust the position of the roller.

  • Page 8

    OPERATION (Continued) FEEDING THE WORK (CONTINUED) An uneven force is created when only one feed roller is in contact with the work at the beginning or end of the Move to the rear and receive the planed lumber by cut. grasping it in the same manner as it was fed.

  • Page 9

    TROUBLE SHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE REMEDY Dull knives Snipe Replace or sharpen knives per instructions (Gouging at ends (See "Maintenance", Page 8) of Board) Inadequate support of long boards Support long boards Uneven feed rol! pressure Checkfeed roll operation Cutter casting not aligned Check position on elevation screws Butt end to end each piece of stock as Lumber not butted properly...

  • Page 10

    Figure 4 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Base...

  • Page 11

    REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST FOR BASE PART PART DESCRIPTION QTY. DESCRIPTION QTY. Base 3801.00 Bolt, socket head, 6mm-1.0 x 16 1760.00 Base roller 3802.00 Top cover 3822.00 Eccentric adjusters 3803.00 3823.00 Support roller Set screw, 6mm - 1.0 x 8 1043.00 Washer, lock, 8mm 0824.00 * Bearing, 608...

  • Page 12

    Figure 5 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Roller Case...

  • Page 13

    REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST FOR ROLLER CASE Part Description Qty. Roller case 3831.00 Cutterhead 3832.00 3833.00 Planer knives, (set) 3834.00 Cutter head gib, (set) 3835.00 Bolt, flat head, 5ram - .80 x 12 STD315225 * Bearing, 6202 3836.00 Retaining ring, Int. - 35ram STD315235 * Bearing, 6203 3838:00...

  • Page 14

    > Figure S- Replacement Parts Illustration for Motor...

  • Page 15

    REPLACEMENT PARTS LmST FOR MOTOR DESCRIPTION PART NO. QTY. DESCRIPTION PART NO. QTY. Motor housing 3857.00 Chain sprocket 3853.00 Stator 4283.00 Switch cover 3880.00 Fan casing 4284.00 Switch box 4286.00 3860.00 Switch with key 0423.00 3861.00 Aligning bushing Circuit breaker 4287.00 * Bearing, 620t STD315215...

  • Page 16

    12 1/2" ickness Planer OWNER'S Thank you for purchasing your 12 1/2" Thickness Planer from _ANUAL Sears. This unit will provide you with many years of reliable service. Should the need exist for repair parts or service, simply contact any Sears Service Center and most Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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