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CRAFTSMAN 358.356081 Operator's Manual

3.0/18" gasoline.
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Renalr Parts
read and follow
and Operating
Failure to do so can result
in serious personal injury.
Record in the space provided
below the Model No. and Serial NO: Of
your saw. These numbers
are located
on the starting
Model No.
Serial No.
Retain these numbers
for future reference.
C_)., Chicago,
IlL 60684


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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 358.356081

  • Page 1

    $'-__A/RS _perator's manual • Assembly • Operation • Maln!enance • Renalr Parts MODEL NO. 3s8.3sso81-3.o/_s- • CRRI:T MRN, J GASOLINE"CHAIN Record in the space provided below the Model No. and Serial NO: Of your saw. These numbers are located on the starting instructions _WARNING: decal.

  • Page 2

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON GASOLINE CHAIN SAW (Excluding Bar, Chain, Spark Plug, Air Filter and Starter Rope) For one year from date of purchase when you maintain, lubricate and tune up this chain saw aocording to the operating and maintenance instructions in the owner's manual Sears will repair defects In material or w_rkmanshiPiln this gasoline chain saw at no charge.

  • Page 3

    SPECIAL SAFETY SECTION REDUCETHECHANCEOF GUARD AGAINST KICKBACK KICKBACK Kickback is a dangerous reaction that can lead to serious Recognize that kickback can happen. With a personal injury. Do not rely only on the safety devices basic understanding of kickback, you can reduce provided with your saw.

  • Page 4

    SPECIAL SAFETY SECTION (continued) • L_WARNING Because a chain saw is a high speed wood-cutting tool, special safety precautions must be observed to reduce the risk of personal accidents. Careless or improper use can I cause serious personal injury. Do not attempt to use your chain saw during ba weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, sno_ SAFETYHAT etc., or at night.

  • Page 5

    CARRY AND STORE YOUR SAW SAFELY OPERATE YOUR SAW SAFELY Do not operate a chain saw that is damaged, im- Hand carry the unit with the engine stopped, the properly adjusted, or not completely and securely muffler away from your body, and the guide bar and assembled.

  • Page 6

    KNOW YOUR CHAIN A. INTRODUCTION CON1OURED OEPTH GAUGE • Yoursaw has been designed with safety in mind and includesthe following features as standardequipment: -°,,. .'---- - Reduced-Kickback Guide Bar (Lo-Kick ®) FORCELLOWsAND - Low-Kickback Chain (,Xtra GUARD '-_' ) _IFJ_K_ \ RIDE INTO - Spark Arrestor GUIDE BAR...

  • Page 7

    PREPARING YOUR SAW FOR USE GETTING READY 2. HAVETHE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE: 1. READ YOUR OPERATOR'S MANUAL CAREFULLY. a. Protective gloves b. Approved, marked fuel container c. One gallon regular gasoline. Your Operator's Manual has been developed to help you prepare your saw for use and to under- d.

  • Page 8

    ATTACHING THE BAR AND CHAIN 3. Hold chain with cutters facing as shown ir [CAUTION:IWear protective gloves when han- Figure 11. dling or operating your saw. The chain is sharp and can cut you even when it is not moving! 4.

  • Page 9

    CHAIN TENSION 3. Continue turning the Adjusting Screw until • Correct chain tension is very important: the tension is correct. loose chain will wear the bar and itself. loose chain can jump off the bar while 4. Hold the tip of the Guide Bar up and tighten you are cutting.

  • Page 10

    3. HOW TO MIX FUEL 4. IMPORTANT POINTS a. Pour one-half of the gasoline into an ap- a. Use only recommended fuel mixtures. proved, marked container. Do not try to mix b. Eliminate all soumes of sparks or flame in the oil and gasoline directly in the fuel tank.

  • Page 11

    USING YOUR CONTROL DEVICES THROTTLE START Understanding the control devices on your saw DETENT B.UTTON isan important part of learning how to properly and safely Operate the unit. Figure 18 . STOP 1. The Ignition Switch is a toggle switch which TARTISTOP SWITCH is moved up for the "Start"...

  • Page 12

    TYPES OF CUTTING BASIC CUTTING TECHNIQUE 1. IMPORTANT POINTS. PROCEDURE a. Cut wood only. Do not cut metal, plastics, Practicecuttinga few small logsusingthefollowing techn_ masonry, non-wood, building materiels; etc. que to getthe 'feel" of usingyoursaw beforeyou begin b. Stop the saw if the chain strikes a foreign major sawing operation.

  • Page 13

    2. FELLING SMALL TREES -- LESS THAN 6" IN DIAMETER a. Ifyou know the direcUon of fall: 1.) Make a single felling cut on the side away DIRECTION_ from the direction of fall. 2.) Cut all the way threugh. - _l_llllll ..

  • Page 14

    BUCKING 1ST CUT PRESSURESIDE _ 4-'-- Bucking is the term used for cutting a fallen tree to the desired log size. 1. IMPORTANT POINTS a. Cut only one log at a time. I-,-- 2NDCUT b. Cut shattered wood very carefully. Sharp pieces of wood could be flung toward the operator.

  • Page 15

    BUCKING-- USING ANOTHER LOG AS A b. In area B: SUPPORT (Figure28): 1._ Overcut 1/3 of the way through the log. 2.) Finish with an undercut, Do not stand on the log being cut. The cut portion z_WARNING will roll down hill. a.

  • Page 16

    MAINTENANCE • Check the saw for loose bolts, screws, nuts, A good maintenance program of regular inspec- and fittings on a regular basis. Loose fasten- tion and care will increase the service life and help ers can cause an unsafe condition as well as to maintain the safety and performance...

  • Page 17

    MAINTENANCE 2. GUIDE 5. ) Correct Depth Gauges a. ) Place depth gauge tool(Catalog No. • Conditions which can require guide bar 71-36557) over each cutter depth maintenance: gauge.Figure 36. --saw cuts to one side b. File level with the flat file ifdepth --saw has to be forced through a cut gauge is higherthan the depth gauge...

  • Page 18

    Blow out loosened carbon'with com- Items Required: Small brush, such as a pressed air. tooth brush, or a pocket knife. Clean the spark arrestor screen with a wire brush or replace if breaks in the Remove the carburetor cover. screen are found. Pull the rubber connector...

  • Page 19

    5. Remove the pulley screw in the center of the 14. Replace and tighten the pulley screw. pulley. Figure 45. 6. Lift the pulley carefu//y while gently twisting it 15. Pull out 12 inches of rope and catch the rope in counterclockwise , and remove the...

  • Page 20

    3. Remove the fan housing. [CAUTION:_ Do not remove the clutch with a 4. Use a 9/16" socket wrench on the flywheel punch or a power tool to avoid damage or to keep the crankshaft from moving. breakage to the clutch. Figure 49.

  • Page 21

    4. IDLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT--II ECAUTION:].Never set the High Speed Mixture a. Allow engine to idle. Screw less than 718 tum Open. This is too lean b. Adjust if the chain is turning by turning the a setting and will ruin your engine. Idle Speed Screw countemlockwise AP,,_ .

  • Page 22

    STORAGE Drain oil tank. When your saw is to be stored for over 30 days Remove, clean, and dry the bar and chain. always: Store the chain in a container filled with oil Drain fuel tankin asafe manner (see "Important to prevent rust.

  • Page 23

    TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY ENGINE WILL NOT START 1. Ignition Switch off. 1. Move switch to "Start". 2. Fuel tank empty. 2. Fill tank with correct fuel mixture, cage 9. 3. Spark Plug not firing. 3. Install new plug, page18. 4.

  • Page 24

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 358.356081'3.0/18" Figure 1...

  • Page 25

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 35r8"356081"3"0/18" Figure I Key No. Part No. Qty. Description Key No. Part No. Qty. Description 39095 Flywheel Assembly 15365 Screw - Fan Housing (incl. 2) (Lower Front) 23817 Spring - Starter 30073 Spark Plug (CJ-SY) STD522525 Screw- Muffler Cover...

  • Page 26

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 358.356081-3.0/18" Figure 2 CARBURETOR ASSEMBLY PARTNO. 35094 !\_-18_,----2 a--21 )-22 --23...

  • Page 27

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 358.356081-3.0/18" Figure Qty. Description Qty. Description Key No. Part No. Key No. Pad No. Choke Rod 32053 25919 Bushing Throttle Lock STD511003 Screw - Choke Bracket 25469 Spring - Trigger 10347 Screw- Carburetor/Adaptor Bracket & Bushing Ass'y 15245 19107 1 "...

  • Page 28

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 358.356081-3.0/18" Figure See Fig. 1 #36 10 11-...

  • Page 29

    SEARS CHAIN SAW PARTS LIST MODEL 358,356081.3,0118" Figure 3 Key No. Part No. Qty. Description Key No. Part No. Qty. Descdption STD511003 Screw- Bracket 10289 Oil Line Pick-Up Assembly Crankcase (Incl. 29, 35, and 36) 24351 Bracket-Lever to Crankcase 24676 Weight - Oil Pick-Up Line 24348...

  • Page 30

    MAINTENANCE CHART Visualinspection (condition, l eaks) Complete machine Clean Throttle trigger,safetythroffielock,stopswitch Check operation Clean Felt Filter in fuel tank Replacefelt Fueltank Clean Chain oil tank Clean Chain lubrication Check Inspect, also chock sharpness Saw chain Check chain tension Sharpen Inspect (wear,damage) Clean Gaide bar Lubricate sprocketnose,- •...

  • Page 31

    QUICK REFERENCE PAGE Read and follow all Safety Rules, Precautions and Operating Instructions. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury. page SPECIAL SAFETY SECTION ......... : ....PREPARATION ............. 3&4 Wear personal protective gear -- gloves; safety footwear; snug fitting clothing; and eye, hearing and head protection, Check for worn, loose, or damaged parts and repair Or replace as necessary.

  • Page 32

    The Model Number will be found under the handle with the Serial Number. Always mention the Mpdel Number when requesting ser- vice or repair parts for your Chain Saw. All parts listed herein may be ordered from any SEARS Service Center and most Sears Stores.

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