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Craftsman 113.170660 Owner's Manual: Maintenance; Blower Intake; Cleaning Vac Filter; Filter Removal

16 gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower.
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To reduce the risk of
injury, unplug unit before cleaning foam
pad. Before using, intake shield, pad
holder, and pad must be in place.
After using the detachable blower of your
wet/dry vac, examine the bottom of the
blower for dust and debris. Check to see
if the intake to the blower has debris
stuck to the plastic vents and foam pad.
To clean the foam pad under the intake
shield of the detachable blower:
1. Remove the three screws holding the
intake shield.
2. Lift the intake shield off and set aside.
3. Lift the foam pad away from the
detached blower, the foam pad holder
will also lift away from the blower.
4. Remove the foam pad from the foam
pad holder and set the foam pad hold-
er to the side. Clean the foam pad in
warm soapy water or brush debris
away. Allow foam pad to dry.
5. Examine foam pad for reuse. If you
need to replace it, check the service
part section of this manual.
6. Replace foam pad holder on blower
with the tabs away from the blower.
Reinstall foam pad under the tabs of
the holder.
7. Reinstall intake shield and the three
The unit is ready for use.
Vac Filter
To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting, unplug
power cord before changing or clean-
ing filter.
Your filter should be cleaned often to
maintain peak vac performance.
Be sure to dry the filter before storing or
picking up dry debris.
IMPORTANT: After cleaning, check the
filter for tears or small holes. Do not use a
filter with holes or tears in it. Even a small
hole can cause a lot of dust to come out
of your vac. Replace it immediately.
NOTE: This filter is made of high quality
paper designed to stop very small parti-
cles of dust. The filter can be used for
small amounts of liquid pick up or dry
pick up. Handle the filter carefully when
removing to clean or installing it. Creases
in the filter pleats may occur from installa-
tion but creases will not affect the per-
formance of the filter.
Filter Removal
To remove the filter for cleaning or
unscrew the filter nut from
the filter cage, remove filter plate and lift
off filter.
IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of dam-
age to the blower wheel and motor,
always reinstall the filter before using the
vac for dry material pickup.
A Dry Filter
Do not remove the fil-
ter cage or float. It is there to shut off
airflow when the drum is full of liquids.



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