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Craftsman 113.170660 Owner's Manual: Vacuuming Liquids; Emptying The Dust Drum

16 gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower.
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1. When picking up small amounts of liq-
uid the filter may be left in place.
2. When picking up large amounts of liq-
uid we recommend that the filter be
removed. If the filter is not removed, it
will become saturated and misting may
appear in the exhaust.
3. After using the vac to pick up liquids,
the filter must be dried to reduce the
risk of possible mildew and damage to
the filter.
4. When the liquid in the drum reaches a
level, the float mecha-
nism will rise automatically to cut off
airflow. When this happens, turn off
the vac, unplug the power cord, and
empty the drum. You will know that the
float has risen because vac airflow
ceases and the motor noise will
become higher in pitch, due to
increased motor speed.
IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of dam-
age to the vac do not run motor with float
in raised position.
the Dust Drum
_, WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting, unplug
power cord before emptying the drum.
1. To remove the lid to empty contents of
the dust drum, simply lift the two drum
latches at the front and rear of the
dust drum. Lift the lid assembly up and
off the dust drum and set to the side.
.._,/,4, _\
NOTE: Do not pick up the lid assembly by
lifting on the handle to the detachable
blower. Lift the lid assembly by the latch-
es. This will ensure that the detachable
blower and the lid will not separate during
removal of the lid assembly.
2. Lay vac motor assembly upside down
on a clean area while emptying vac
3. Dump the vac canister contents into
the proper waste disposal container.
,_k WARNING: To reduce the risk of
back injury or falls, do not lift a vac
heavy with liquid or debris. Scoop or
drain enough contents out to make the
vac light enough to lift comfortably.



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