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Stop Switch
Pushbuttonto ON prior to chokingfor enginestart; pushto OFF to
shut enginedown.
Choke Control
The choke controlis usedto choke off the carburetorand assist in
startingthe engine.
Starter Handle
The starterhandle is locatedon the engine.Pull the starterhandleto
The control handlehasthree positions.See Figure4-2.
,, FORWARD:MovecontrolhandleFORWARD or DOWNto move
wedgeto split wood.
NOTE:Controlhandlewill returnto neutralpositionas soonas handle
is released.(ForwardPosition only)
T_o split wood
Figure 4=2
NEUTRAL: Releasethe controlhandleor movethe leverto neutral
positionto stop the wedgemovement.
REVERSE:MovecontrolhandleBACKor UP to returnthe
wedgetowardthe cylinder.The control handlestaysin the return
(Reverse)position and returnsto neutralautomaticallywhenfully
NOTE:Reversepositionmayalsobe operatedbackto neutralposition
manually,if necessary.
Gas and Oil Fill-Up
IMPORTANT: Y ourlog splittermay be shippedwith motoroil in the
engine.You MUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating.Be careful not
to overfill.
WARNING:Use extremecarewhen handling
gasoline.Gasolineis extremelyflammable and the
vaporsare explosive.Neverfuel machine indoorsor
whilethe engineis hot or running.
1. Removeoil fill dipstick.
2. Checkthe oil levelmakingcertain notto rub the dipstickalong the
insidewallsof the oil fill tube.This wouldresult in a false dipstick
reading.Refill to FULLmark on dipstick,if necessary.Replace
dipstickand tighten.
3. If necessary,with the log splitteron levelground,usea funnelto fill
enginewith oil to FULLmark on dipstick.Be carefulnot to overfill.
Overfillingwill causethe engineto smokeprofuselyand will result
in poorengine performance.
4. Checkoil levelthreetimesprior to startingengine to be certain
you'vegotten an accuratedipstickreading.Runningthe enginewith
too little oil can resultin permanentenginedamage.
1. Removefuelcap from the fueltank.
2. Makesurethe containerfrom whichyou will pourthe gasolineis
cleanand free from rust or foreignparticles.Neverusegasoline
that maybe stale from long periodsof storagein its container.
Gasolinethat hasbeen sittingfor anyperiod longerthanfourweeks
shouldbe consideredstale.
3. Fillfuel tank with about1.5quartsof clean,fresh,lead-freegrade
automotivegasoline.DO NOT useEthlyor high octanegasoline.
NOTE:Gasolinecan be addedto the enginewhenthe log splitteris
in eitherthe horizontalor verticalposition.However, t hereare less
obstructionswhenthe unitis in the verticalposition.
NOTE:Donot usegasolinecontainingmethanol.Gasolinecontaining
up to about10% ethanolor up to 15%methyltertiarybutyl ether
(MTBE)maybe used,but will requirespecialcarewhenengineis left
4. Replacefuelcap.
NOTE:Toavoidengineproblems,the fuelsystemshouldbe emptied
beforestoragefor30 days or longer.Drainthe gas tank,start the
engineand let it run untilthe fuel linesand carburetorare empty.Use
fresh fuel nextseason.See STORAGE sectionfor additionalinforma-


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