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1. Removethreenuts that securethe pumpto thecouplingshield.
Twonuts are at the bottomcornersand one is in the top center.
See Figure5-2.
2. Removethepump.
3. Rotatethe engineby slowlypullingstarterhandleuntil engine
couplinghalf set screwis visible.Loosenset screwusingallen
wrenchand slidecouplinghalfoff engineshaft.
4. Loosenset screwon pumpcouplinghalfand removecouplinghalf.
5. Slide newenginecouplinghalf ontothe engineshaft untiltheend of
the shaftis flush with the inner portionof the couplinghalf. (There
mustbe space betweenthe end of the enginesupportbracketand
couplinghalf). Tightenset screw.
6. Installpumpcouplinghalfand key on pumpshaft. Rotatecoupling
half untilset screwfacesopeningin shield. Do nottightenset
7. Installnylon"spider"onto enginecouplinghalf.
8. Align pumpcouplinghalfwith nylon"spider"by rotatingengine
usingstarterhandle.Slide couplinghalf intoplacewhileguiding
threemountingbolts throughholesin pumpsupportbracket.
9. Securewith nutsremovedearlier.
10.Set.010"to.060"clearance/gapbetweenthe nylon"spider"and
the enginecouplinghalf byslidinga feelergaugeor matchbook
coverbetweenthe nylon"spider"and the enginecouplinghalfand
movingpumpcouplinghalfas needed.Securepumpcouplinghalf
with set screw.See Figure5-2.
NOTE:Makecertain properclearance/gapis obtainedbeforetighten-
ing set screw.
Side View-Coupler
; 0000
Figure 5-2
Seesidewallof tire for recommended pressure.Underany circum-
stancesdo notexceed manufacturer's recommended psi. Maintain
equal pressureon all tires.
ARNING:Excessive pressurewhen seatingbeads
may causetire/rim assembly to burstwithforce
sufficientto causeseriousinjury.Referto sidewall
of tire for recommended pressure.


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