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Jam Nut
Lock Nut
Figure 5-1
WARNING:Do not at any time make any adjust-
ments without first stopping engine,disconnecting
spark plugwire,and groundingit against the
engine.Alwayswear safety glasses during opera-
tion or whileperformingany adjustments or repairs.
Wedge Assembly
As normalwearoccursand there isexcessive"play"betweenthe
wedgeand beam,adjustthe bolts on the side ofthe wedgeassembly
to eliminateexcessspacebetweenthe wedgeand the beam.
1. Loosenthe jam nutson the two adjustmentbolts on the sideof the
wedge.See Figure5-1.
2. Turnthe adjustmentbolts in untilsnugand then backthem off
slowly(approximately 1.5turns) untilthe wedgeassemblywill slide
on the beam.
3. Re-tightenthe jam nuts securelyagainsttheside of the wedgeto
securethe adjustment b olts in this position.
Gib Adjustment
Periodically removeand replacethe "gibs"(spacers)betweenthe
wedgeassemblyand the back plate.
NOTE:The gibs maybe rotatedand/or turnedoverfor evenwear.
1. Loosenthe lock nuts undereachback plateand slidethe gibs out.
See Figure5-1.
2. Turnor replacethe gibs.
3. Reassembletheback plateand securewith the lock nuts.
4. Readjustthe bolts on the side of thewedgeassembly.
Hose Clamps
• Check, beforeeachuse, if hoseclampson thesuctionhose
(attachedto theside of the pump)are tight.Checkthe hoseclamps
on the returnhoseat leastonce a season.
Flexible Pump Coupler
The flexiblepumpcoupleris a nylon"spider"insert,locatedbetween
the pumpand the engineshaft. Overtime,the couplerwill hardenand
Replacethe couplerif youdetectvibrationor noisecomingfrom the
area betweentheengineand thepump. If the couplerfails completely,
you willexperiencea loss of power.
IMPORTANT: N everhitthe engineshaft in any manner,as a blowwill
cause permanent d amageto theengine.


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