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Horizontal Position
1. Pull theverticalbeamlock out and rotate it down.See Figure4-1.
Pivotbeamto the horizontalposition.The beamwill lockautomati-
cally in horizontal p osition.
2. Standbehindthe reservoirtank to operatecontrol handleand to
stabilizethe log.
1. Use cleanfluidand cheekfluid levelregularly.
2. Use an approvedhydraulicfluid. Approvedfluids includeDexron®
III/Mercon® III automatictransmissionfluid,a 10WeightAW
hydraulicoil or Pro-Mix
3. Use a filter (cleanor replaceregularly).
4. Use a breathercapon fluidreservoir.
5. Makesure pumpis mountedand alignedproperly.
6. Use a flexible "spider"type couplingbetweenengineand pump
7. Keephoses clearand unblocked.
8. Bleedair outof hosesbeforeoperating.
9. Flushand clean hydraulic systembeforerestartingafter servicing.
10.Use "pipedope"on all hydraulicfittings.
11.Allowtime for warm-upbeforesplittingwood.
12.Primethe pumpbeforeinitialstart-upby turningoverthe engine
with spark plugdisconnected.
13.Splitwoodalong the grain(lengthwise)only.
1. Use whenfluid isbelow20° F or above150 ° R
2. Use a solid engine/pump coupling.
3. Operatethroughreliefvalve for long.
4. Attemptto adjustunloadingor reliefvalvesettingswithoutpressure
5. Operatewith air in hydraulicsystem.
6. Use teflontape on hydraulicfittings.
7. Attemptto cut woodacrossthe grain.
8. Attemptto removepartiallysplit woodfrom the wedgewith your
hands.Fully retractwedgeto dislodgewoodwith log dislodger.
Figure 4-4
the Log Splitter
IMPORTANT: A lwaysturnfuel valveto OFF positionbeforetransport-
ing the log splitter.
1. Lowerthe beamto its horizontal p osition.Makecertainthe beamis
lockedsecurelywith the horizontal b eam lock.
2. Removespringclip and clevispin from jack stand.
3. Supportthe tongueand pivotthe jack stand up againstthetongue.
See Figure4-4.
4. Securewith the springclip and clevis pin previouslyremoved.See
5. Attachcouplerhitch toa class I or higher2" ball on a towing
vehicle;latch securely.
a. If coupler hitch does not fit on ball: Turnadjustmentnut one
turn counter-clockwise.
b. If coupler hitch is too loose on ball: Turnadjustmentnut one
turn clockwise.
6. Connectthesafety chainsto the towingvehicle.
7. Plugin the tail lights,if so equipped,to thetail lightconnectoron
the tow vehicle.
WARNING: Do not tow faster than 45mph and check
local, state, and federal requirements before towing
on any publicroad.
NOTE:Usecautionwhenbackingup. It is recommended to use a
spotteroutsidethe vehicle.


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