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Figure 4-3
1. Pushstop switchto OFF.
2. Disconnectspark plug wireand groundagainstthe engineto
preventunintended starting.
1. Attachspark plugwireto sparkplug. Makecertain the metalcap on
the end of the sparkplug is fastenedsecurelyoverthe metal tip on
the sparkplug.
2. Pushstop switchto ON.
3. Movechokecontrolto CHOKEposition.
4. Graspstarterhandleand pull rope out slowlyuntilenginereaches
startof compression cycle(rope will pullslightly harderat this
5. Pull rope with a rapid,continuous,full armstroke.Keep a firm grip
on starterhandle.Let roperewindslowly.
6. Repeat,if necessary,untilenginestarts. Slowlyadjust choke
towardRUNposition.Wait untilenginerunssmoothlybeforeeach
7. If enginefalters,movecontrolleverto CHOKEposition,then slowly
backto RUNposition.
8. If weatheris cold,run wedgeup or down beam6 to 8 timesto
circulatethe hydraulicfluid.
WARNING:When startinga warm engine,the muf-
fler and surrounding areas are hot and cancausea
burn.Do not touch.
Using the Log Splitter
1. Placethe log splitteron level,dry ground.
2. Placethe beamin eitherthe horizontal o r verticalpositionand lock
in placewith the appropriatelocking rod.
3. Block the frontand backof bothwheels.
4. Placethe log againstthe end plateand only split woodin the
directionof the grain.
5. Tostabilizethe log,placeyourhand onlyon sidesof log. Never
place handon the end betweenthe logand the splitting
6. Only one adultshouldstabilizethe log and operatethe control
handle,so theoperatorhasfull controloverthe log and the splitting
Control Handle
1. Move controlhandleFORWARD or DOWNto split wood.
2. Releasethe controlhandleto stop the wedgemovement.
3. Move controlhandleBACKor UP to returnthe wedge.
Log Dislodger
The log dislodgerisdesignedto removeany partiallysplit woodfrom
the wedge.This mayoccur whilesplittinglargediameterwoodor
freshlycut wood.
ARNING: Never remove partiallysplit wood from
the wedgewith your hands.Fingersmay become
trapped between split wood.
1. To removepartiallysplit woodfrom wedge,movecontrolhandleto
REVERSEpositionuntilwedgeis fully retractedto allowsplit wood
portionto contactthe logdislodger.
2. Once removedfromwedgewith log dislodger,split woodfrom
oppositeend or in anotherlocation.
1. Pull the horizontalbeamlock out to releasethe beamand pivot the
beamto the verticalposition.
2. To lock thebeam in the verticalposition,pull out on the vertical
beam lockand rotateit to securethe beam.See Figure4-1.
3. Standin front of the unitto operatethe control handleand to
stabilizethe log.See Figure4-3.


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