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Craftsman 149.236222 Owner's Manual

4 1/8-inch jointer-planer.
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and code
may be
found on the back of the base
You should
record both model and
and re_.ain in a safe
place for fulure
a unique
serial code number
is slamped
the underside
of !he machine
ing Assembly
and Use.
Save This Manual For
Future Reference,
41_-I C
= assembly
, operating
• repair parts
AND CO. DepL 6981731A, Sears Tower,
IL 60684
Part No 4502.250-00


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   Summary of Contents for Craftsman 149.236222

  • Page 1

    S_/A/RS owners manual MODELNO. 149.236222 SERIAL OR CODE NUMBER: Model and code number may be found on the back of the base You should record both model and code number and re_.ain in a safe S_FAIRS/ CRAFT$Ivt R N_ place for fulure CALIFORNIA OWNERS: a unique...

  • Page 2

    FULL ONE.YEAR WARRANTY J OINTER -- PLANER If within one year from the date of purchase, this Craftsman Jointer -- Planer fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it, free of charge. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE...

  • Page 3

    USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES 7 KEEP CHILDREN AWAY Consult the owner's manual for recommended accessories. All visttors should be kept a safe distance from work area Use of improper accessories may be hazardous 8. MAKE WORKSHOP KID PROOF with padlocks, master switches, or by removing starter keys NEVER STAND ON TOOL...

  • Page 4

    UNPACKING AND CHECKING CONTENTS TABLE OF LOOSE PARTS Model 149236222 Jolnter-Planer is shipped complete tn one carton, ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY, Separate all parts from packing materials and check each one with the illustration and the tist of loose parts to make certatn all items are accounted for, before discarding...

  • Page 5

    SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTER--PLANER Safety is a combination of operator common senso and alertness at all times when the Jointer--Planer is being used. Study these rules and general safety rules before operating and retain them for future use. 1, WEAR EYE PROTECTION 9 ALWAYS - Use hold downfpush blocks...

  • Page 6

    FENCE NOTE:USE WASHER_ LEES THAN THICK LOCK KNO_ From among the loose parts find the following: RE/;DLT FENCE Tt(]HTEN_ND PROBLEM_; _132 _Tt3_OD (1) Fence (2) Fence Brackets (2) Fence Segments (2) Tilt Indicators (2) Lock Knobs (4) 114-20 x 3t4" Hex Cap Screws (4) 1t4 Lock Washei's (4) 9132 ID x 91t60D x 11t6 Thick Washers...

  • Page 7

    11116 Thick x 2" Wide x 10" Long The 11116 thickness can be obtained by planing the board on the jointer-plane[ t12" to 3/4" Thick x 3-1t2" Wide x 10" Long This piece may also be made out of plywood. 3t4"...

  • Page 8

    iNSTALLiNG THE JOINTER==-PLANER ]f the Jointer-Ptaner is to be used in a permanent location, should be fastened securely to a firm supporting surface such as a workbench_ Holes should be drilled through supporting surface of the workbench as illustrated Each foot of the Jotnter- -#---I_ ,..-_ KNOB...

  • Page 9

    Open the cutter guard ali the way until it stops and release it several times it should always t"eturn to its orlg]na_ position 4. GUARD STOP The Craftsman JointedPlaner comes equipped with a cutter guard stop assembly to improve safety and reduce risk of injury. Be sure to...

  • Page 10

    BASIC JOINTER=-PLANER OPERATION For your safety do not exceed a 1t16" deep cut on a planing For your own safety, ALWAYS use hold downtpush blocks when operation for work pieces wider than 1..1/2" For work pieces less JOINTING wood that is NARROWER than 3 in..

  • Page 11

    ,_WARNING: NEVER PLACE THE HEEL OF YOUR HAND AT At the end of the cut, position your hand on TOP NEAR THE END of the work piece and continue feeding the work piece until THE END OF THE WORK PIECE WHEN FINISHING A CUT.

  • Page 12

    A 2-112 In, to 1-114 in, hose adapter is supplied with the machine for 1-1/4 in, hose connect}ons, Attaching a Craftsman Wet-Dry Vac will keep your work area cleaner, Craftsman Wet-Dry Vacs are available Sears Catalog and Retail Stores. WARNING:...

  • Page 13

    BLADE REPLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT NOTE: To rotate the cutterhead or to hold it steady, use a BLADE screwdriver in the slot in the cutter shaft through the small hole in the rear of the machf_'le just above the vacuum port. WOOD BLOCK CUTTER_...

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  • Page 15

    ,,,.J "0 t*t_ ,..n . ]"*. '=":' <..._ >.-...__'_= _=_. i*=- oo@8 oo _2_ °°oo 99_8_8 _'&_'_ o_NN ,_e?SegeNN i< im o...

  • Page 16

    TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART TROUBLE PROBABLE CAUSE Woodstrikes outfeed Blades impioperly adjusted betow ..........REMEDY ! Re-adjustblades surface of outfeed table table after passing over cutterhead 2 tnfeed table oul of adjustment 2 Contactyour nearest Searsstore or service center' Ripples on planed sU."i',face 1 Oneblade set higher than other 1 Re-adjustblades 2 Dull blades...

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