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Craftsman 315.3413 Operator's Manual Page 4

19.2 volt chain saw.
Hide thumbs


 Always wear eye protection with side shields
marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1, along
with hearing and head protection.
See Figures 1 - 3.
 WARNING: Kickback may occur when the
moving chain contacts an object at the upper
portion of the tip of the guide bar or when the
wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in
the cut. Contact at the upper portion of the
tip of the guide bar can cause the chain to
dig into the object and stop the chain for an
instant. The result is a lightning fast, reverse
reaction which kicks the guide bar up and
back toward the operator. If the saw chain is
pinched along the top of the guide bar, the
guide bar can be driven rapidly back toward
the operator. Either of these reactions can
cause loss of saw control which can result in
serious injury. Do not rely exclusively upon
the safety devices built into the saw. As a
chain saw user, you should take several steps
to keep your cutting jobs free from accident
or injury.
 The following precautions should be fol-
lowed to minimize kickback:
• Hold the saw firmly with both hands when
the motor is running. Place your right hand
on the rear handle and your left hand on the
front handle with your thumbs and fingers
encircling the chain saw handles. A firm grip
together with a stiff left arm will help you
maintain control of the saw if kickback oc-
• Make sure that the area in which you are cut-
ting is free from obstructions. Do not let the
nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch,
fence, or any other obstruction that could be
hit while you are operating the saw.
• Always cut with the unit running at full speed.
Fully squeeze the throttle trigger and maintain
a steady cutting speed.
• Use replacement parts such as low kickback
chain and special guide bars that reduce the
risks associated with rotational kickback.
4 - English
Use only the replacement guide bars and low
kickback chains specified by the manufacturer
for the saw.
 With a basic understanding of kickback, you
can reduce or eliminate the element of sur-
prise. Sudden surprise contributes to acci-
 Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
 Do not cut above shoulder height or overreach
when cutting.
 Follow the sharpening and maintenance in-
structions for the saw chain.
 Push and Pull - This reaction force is always
opposite to the direction the chain is mov-
ing where wood contact is made. Thus, the
operator must be ready to control the PULL
when cutting on the bottom edge of the bar,
and PUSH when cutting along the top edge.
See Figure 3.
 Do not operate a chain saw in a tree, on a
ladder, rooftop or scaffold; this is extremely
 Keep ALL children, bystanders, visitors, and
animals out of the work area while starting or
cutting with the chain saw.
NOTE: The size of the work area depends on
the job being performed as well as the size
tree or work piece involved. For example,
felling a tree requires a larger work area than
making bucking cuts.
 Never start cutting until you have a clear work
area, secure footing, and a planned retreat
path from the falling tree. Cluttered area invite
 Do not expose the chain saw to rain.
 Do not use the chain saw in damp or wet
 Do not use the chain saw near flammable liq-
uids, gases, or in any type of explosive atmo-
 Use extreme caution when cutting small size
brush and saplings, because slender mate-
rial may catch the saw chain and be whipped
toward you or pull you off balance.


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