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Craftsman 315.3413 Operator's Manual: Chain Maintenance

19.2 volt chain saw.
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 During normal saw operation, the temperature
of the chain will increase. The drive links of a
correctly tensioned warm chain will hang ap-
proximately .050 in. out of the bar groove.
NOTE: New chain tends to stretch, check chain
tension frequently and tension as required.
cAUTION: Chain tensioned while warm, may
be too tight upon cooling. Check the "cold ten-
sion" before next use.


See Figures 31 - 32.
WARNING: Remove the battery pack and
make sure the chain has stopped before you
do any work or making any adjustments on the
saw. Failure to do so may result in accidental
starting and possible serious injury.
Use only low-kickback chain on this saw. This
fast-cutting chain will provide kickback reduction
when properly maintained.
For smooth and fast cutting, chain needs to be
maintained properly. The chain requires sharpen-
ing when the wood chips are small and powdery,
the chain must be forced through the wood during
cutting, or the chain cuts to one side. During main-
tenance of your chain, consider the following:
 Improper filing angle of the side plate can
increase the risk of a severe kickback.
 Raker (depth gauge) clearance. Too low
increases the potential for kickback. Not low
enough decreases cutting ability.
 If cutter teeth have hit hard objects such
as nails and stones, or have been abraded
by mud or sand on the wood, have service
dealer sharpen chain.
NOTE: Inspect the drive sprocket for wear or dam-
age when replacing the chain. If signs of wear or
damage are present in the areas indicated, have
the drive sprocket replaced by a Craftsman Ser-
vice dealer.
See Figures 33 - 34.
Be careful to file all cutters to the specified angles
and to the same length, as fast cutting can be
obtained only when all cutters are uniform.
 Wear gloves for protection. Properly tension
the chain prior to sharpening. Refer to chain
Tension section earlier in this manual. Do all
of your filing at the mid-point of the bar.
 Use a 5/32 in. diameter round file and holder.
 Keep the file level with the top plate of the
tooth. Do not let the file dip or rock.
 Using light but firm pressure, stroke towards
the front corner of the tooth.
 Lift file away from the steel on each return
 Put a few firm strokes on every tooth. File all
left hand cutters in one direction. Then move
to the other side and file the right hand cut-
ters in the opposite direction. Occasionally
remove filings from the file with a wire brush.
WARNING: Improper chain sharpening
increases the potential of kickback.
WARNING: Failure to replace or repair
damaged chain can cause serious injury.
WARNING: The saw chain is very sharp,
always wear protective gloves when performing
maintenance to the chain.
See Figure 35.
 CORRECT 30° - File holders are marked with
guide marks to align file properly to produce
correct top plate angle.
 LESS THAN 30° - For Cross Cutting.
 MORE THAN 30° - Feathered Edge Dulls
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