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Craftsman 315.3413 Operator's Manual Page 15

19.2 volt chain saw.
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 Limbs should be cut one at a time. Remove
the cut limbs from the work area often to help
keep the work area clean and safe.
 Branches under tension should be cut from
the bottom up to avoid binding the chain saw.
 Keep the tree between you and the chain saw
while limbing. Cut from the side of the tree
opposite the branch you are cutting.
See Figure 22.
Pruning is trimming limbs from a live tree.
 Work slowly, keeping both hands on the
chain saw with a firm grip. Always make sure
your footing is secure and your weight is
distributed evenly on both feet.
 Do not cut from a ladder, this is extremely
dangerous. Leave this operation for
 Do not cut above shoulder height as a saw
held higher is difficult to control against
 When pruning trees it is important not to
make the finishing cut next to the main limb
or trunk until you have cut off the limb further
out to reduce the weight. This prevents
stripping the bark from the main member.
 Underbuck the branch 1/3 through for your
first cut.
 Your second cut should overbuck to drop the
branch off.
 Now make your finishing cut smoothly and
neatly against the main member so the bark
will grow back to seal the wound.
W A R N I N G : I f t h e l i m b s t o b e
pruned are above shoulder height, hire
a professional to perform the pruning.
See Figure 23.
A springpole is any log, branch, rooted stump, or
sapling which is bent under tension by other wood
so that it springs back if the wood holding it is cut
or removed. On a fallen tree, a rooted stump has
a high potential of springing back to the upright
position during the bucking cut to separate the log
from the stump. Watch out for springpoles, they
are dangerous.
WARNING: Springpoles are dangerous and
could strike the operator, causing the operator
to lose control of the chain saw. This could
result in severe or fatal injury to the operator.
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