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Craftsman 315.3413 Operator's Manual: Preparation For Cutting

19.2 volt chain saw.
Hide thumbs



See Figures 8 - 10.
Refer to General SaFety ruleS earlier in this
manual for appropriate safety equipment.
 Wear non-slip gloves for maximum grip and
 Hold the saw firmly with both hands. Always
keep your left hand on the front handle and
your right hand on the rear handle so that
your body is to the left of the chain line.
WARNING: Never use a left-handed (cross-
handed) grip, or any stance which would place
your body or arm across the chain line.
 Maintain a proper grip on the saw whenever
the unit is running. The fingers should encircle
the handle and the thumb is wrapped under
the handlebar. This grip is least likely to
be broken (by a kickback or other sudden
reaction of the saw). Any grip in which the
thumb and fingers are on the same side of the
handle, is dangerous because a slight kick of
the saw can cause loss of control.
WARNING: Do not operate the throttle
trigger with your left hand and hold the front
handle with your right hand. Never allow any
part of your body to be in the chain line while
operating a saw.
See Figure 11.
 Weight should be balanced with both feet on
solid ground.
 Keep left arm with elbow locked in a "straight
arm" position to withstand any kickback
 Your body should always be to the left of the
chain line.
 Thumb should be on underside of handlebar.
Practice cutting a few small logs using the following
technique to get the "feel" of using the saw before
you begin a major sawing operation.
 Take the proper stance in front of the wood
with the saw off.
 Squeeze the trigger and let the chain
accelerate to full speed before entering the
 Begin cutting with the saw against the log.
 Keep the unit running the entire time you are
cutting, maintain a steady speed.
 Allow the chain to cut for you; exert only light
downward pressure. If you force the cut,
damage to the bar, chain, or unit can result.
 Release the trigger as soon as the cut is
completed, allowing the chain to stop. If
you run the saw without a cutting load,
unnecessary wear can occur to the chain,
bar, and unit.
 Do not put pressure on the saw at the end of
the cut.
 Cut only wood or materials made from wood,
no sheet metal, no plastics, no masonry, no
non-wood building materials.
 Never allow children to operate the saw.
Allow no person to use this chain saw who
has not read this Operator's Manual or
received adequate instructions for the safe
and proper use of this chain saw.
 When felling a tree, keep everyone - helpers,
bystanders, children, and animals - a safe
distance from the cutting area. During felling
operations, the safe distance should be a
least twice the height of the largest trees in
the felling area. During bucking operations,
keep a minimum distance of 15 feet between
workers.Trees should not be felled in a
manner that would endanger any person,
strike any utility line or cause any property
damage. If the tree does make contact with
any utility line, the utility company should be
notified immediately.
 Always cut with both feet on solid ground to
prevent being pulled off balance.
 Do not cut above shoulder height, as a saw
held higher is difficult to control against
kickback forces.
 Do not fell trees near electrical wires
or buildings. Leave this operation for
 Cut only when visibility and light are adequate
for you to see clearly.
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