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Craftsman 124.33383 Operator's Manual: Troubleshooting

Thickness planer.
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(gouging at ends of board)
Fuzzy grain
Torn grain
Rough raised grain
Uneven depth of cut
(side to side)
Rollercase elevation adjusts
with difficulty
Board feeds inside, but stops
moving past the outfeed roller
Board thickness does not
match depth of cut scale
Chain jumping
Planer will not operate
Belt slipping


1.Dull blades
2.Inadequate support of long boards
3.Uneven force on cutterhead
4.Rollercase not level with base
5.Lumber not butted properly
Planing wood with a high moisture
1.Too heavy a cut
2.Blades cutting against grain
3.Dull blades
1.Dull blades
2.Too heavy a cut
3.Moisture content too high
Rollercase not level with planer
1.Gears dirty
2.Elevation screws dirty
3.Gears, elevation screws worn
4.Friction between rollercase and
5.Rollercase not parallel with planer
1.Outfeed roller cannot rotate due
to clogging of chips
2.Too much pressure on the
cutterhead from long workpiece
Indicator not set correctly
1.Sprockets worn
2.Chain worn
1.No power to planer
2.Motor overload protection tripped
3.Defective or loose switch or wiring
Loose belt
1.Reverse or replace blades per instructions.
See "Maintenance"
2.Support long boards. See "Avoiding Snipe"
3.Gently push board when board is in contact
with only one feed roller. See "Avoiding Snipe"
4.Adjust rollercase
See "Adjusting Table Level"
5.Butt end to end each piece of stock as
boards pass through planer
Remove high moisture content from wood by
1.Review "Depth of Cut"
2.Review "Feeding Work"
3.Replace blades per instructions
See "Maintenance"
1.Replace blades per instructions
See "Maintenance"
2.Review "Depth of Cut"
3.Dry the wood or use dried wood
Rollercase not level
See "Adjusting Table Level"
1.Clean and lubricate gears
2.Clean and lubricate elevation screws
3.Replace gears, elevation screws
4.Clean and lubricate
5.Adjust rollercase.
See "Adjusting Table Level"
1.Clear the clogging from dust collection
system. See "Clean Planer"
2.Use support stands to support workpiece
longer than 24"
Adjust indicator and tighten securely
1.Replace sprockets
2.Replace chain
1.Check power source by qualified electrician.
2.Turn planer off. Reset motor overload
protection. See "Overload Reset"
3.Check switch and wiring by qualified
Replace belt, see "Replacing V-Belt"



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