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Electrolux EQB20C2MMS Instruction Manual: Cleaning And Maintenance

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25 electrolux how to use
Changing bottles
A flashing red light on your function
lights alerts you when your bottle is
empty. Replace the bottle as soon as
Do not dispense hot, cool or cold
water if the red light is flashing as you
could empty the tanks and cause the
dispenser to overheat.
1. Open the dispenser door.
2. Slide empty bottle out of cabinet.
3. Remove probe assembly from
empty bottle. Place probe
assembly on probe hanger.
4. Set empty bottle aside.
5. Place fresh bottle outside of
cabinet. Remove entire plastic cap
from top of bottle. Clean outside of
new bottle with a cloth.
6. Place probe into bottle. Slide collar
down until it clicks in place. Push
head down until tubes hit bottom of
7. Slide bottle into cabinet and close
Machine installation
To prevent machine from swaying to
fall, please install the bracket
1. Loosen the screw of the left or right
bottom angle.
2. Use the screw to fix the bracket on
the on left or right bottom angle of
the water dispenser.
3. Make a hole on the floor's or the
desk's surface where the water
dispenser will be installed.
4. Fix the bracket on the floor by
screw tightly.
5. Tighten the screw.
Water dispenser
The hole for
tighten screw

Cleaning and maintenance

To avoid accident, cut off the power
supply before operation according to
the following instruction.
The machine had been disinfected
before departed from factory. Cleaning
the dispenser prior to installing a full
bottle of water for the first time.
Cleaning and draining instructions:
1. Making sure the power switch in the
0(off) position and unplug the water
dispenser before cleaning.
2. Twist out the two screws, then take
down top cover, cold tank cover and
3. Fill 0,6 gallons pure water into cold
tank to clean it.
4. Place a large water bucket beneath
the drain outlet which on the back of
water dispenser, then, remove the
drain cover and drain the water.
5. Reposition the drain cover, separator,
cold tank cover and top cover after
draining. Ensure the pipe and wires
are connected properly, then you can
use the machine normally.
The cleaning must be under the guidance of professional staff.
The dispenser heats water to a temperature of approximately 85°C. It can
cause severe burns. Please operate it carefully.
cleaning and maintenance electrolux 26



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