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Husqvarna PG 680 Operator's Manual: Cleaning; Functional Inspection

Floor grinder/polisher.
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WARNING! Do not clean the machine
with a water spray or similar.
External cleaning

Functional inspection

General inspection
Check that the cord and extension cord are intact and
in good condition.
Check that nuts and screws are tight.
Check that head locks are tight. Tighten head locks
and re-set in thread-locking compound if required
(Suggested thread-locking compound Loctite 680).
Grinding heads
Over an extended period of time the spring steel spring
fatigues and the spring steel 'fingers" begin to break off.
This creates irregular movement within the grinding
heads and will cause vibration when the machine is in
Routine checks for broken 'fingers" in the spring steel
grinding heads are recommended. Life expectancy for
grinding heads can vary between 6 and 12 months
depending on the amount of usage.
Replacement spring steel springs are available and can
be replaced without throwing the grinding head away.
The spring steel heads can also be made less flexible by
the addition of a second spring steel spring.
Planetary drive system
Drivmekanismen för planetdrivsystemet utgörs av
kedjedrevet (som driver kedjeringen) och kedjeringen.
This system is a dry system (i.e. it is not required for there
to be lubrication between the planetary drive sprocket and
chain ring), to allow any dust that may come into contact
with the chain ring to fall back out again.
NOTICE! Lubrication of this system will cause dust to
build up in chain ring and drastically shorten the life of
both the chain ring and planetary drive sprocket.
As the chain ring and planetary drive sprocket are located
beneath the cover of the machine, yet on the outside of
the machine, there lies the potential that they can be
exposed to dust and other debris created during the
grinding process.
To prevent this as much as possible, a planetary seal has
been installed to stop dust and other particles from
coming into contact with the planetary drive mechanism.
Checking the planetary seal
Unplug the power cable for the planetary motor and
the grinding motor.
Pull out the pin.
Hold on to the chassis and remove the assembly pin.



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