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Husqvarna PG 680 Operator's Manual: Electrical Safety

Floor grinder/polisher.
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WARNING! Unauthorized modifications
and/or accessories may lead to serious
injury or death to the user or others.
Under no circumstances may the design
of the machine be modified without the
permission of the manufacturer.
Do not modify this product or use it if it
appears to have been modified by others.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry
out the checks, maintenance and service
instructions described in this manual.
Some maintenance and service
measures must be carried out by trained
and qualified specialists. See
instructions under the heading
Always use genuine accessories.
WARNING! Never allow children to use or
be in the vicinity of the machine.
WARNING! Overexposure to vibration
can lead to circulatory damage or nerve
damage in people who have impaired
circulation. Contact your doctor if you
experience symptoms of overexposure
to vibration. Such symptoms include
numbness, loss of feeling, tingling,
pricking, pain, loss of strength, changes
in skin colour or condition. These
symptoms normally appear in the
fingers, hands or wrists. These
symptoms may be increased in cold
Work area safety
Observe your surroundings to ensure that nothing can
affect your control of the machine.
Do not use the machine in bad weather, such as
dense fog, rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc.
Working in bad weather is tiring and can lead to
dangerous conditions, e.g. slippery surfaces.
Never start to work with the machine before the
working area is clear and you have a firm foothold.
Ensure that the working area is sufficiently illuminated
to create a safe working environment.
The machine should not be used in areas where
potential for fire or explosions exist.
16 – English

Electrical safety

Check that the mains voltage corresponds with that
stated on the rating plate on the machine.
Inspection and/or maintenance should be carried out
with the motor switched off and the plug disconnected.
Always shut down the machine before disconnecting
the power plug.
Always unplug the machine during longer work
Never drag the machine by means of the cord and
never pull out the plug by pulling the cord. Hold the
plug to disconnect the power cord.
Never use the machine if any cable is damaged, but
hand it in to an authorized service workshop for repair.
The machine must never be driven to such a depth in
water that it reaches up to the machine's equipment.
The equipment can be damaged and the machine can
be live, resulting in personal injuries.
Grounding instructions
The machine is equipped with a grounded cord and
plug and should always be connected to a grounded
outlet. This reduces the risk of electric shock in the
event of malfunction.
The use of adaptors is not allowed with the machine.
Extension cords and cables
The marking on the extension cable must be the same
or higher than the value stated on the machine's rating
Use grounded extension cables.
WARNING! There is always a risk of
shocks from electrically powered
machines. Avoid unfavourable weather
conditions and body contact with
lightning conductors and metal objects.
Always follow the instructions in the
Operator's manual to avoid damage.
Never connect the machine to a outlet if
plug or cord is damaged.
WARNING! Improper connection can
result in the risk of electric shock.
Contact a qualified electrician if in doubt
as to whether the appliance is properly
Do not modify the plug. If it will not fit the
outlet have a proper outlet installed by a
qualified electrician. Make sure local
regulations and ordinances are followed.
If the grounding instructions are not fully
understood contact a qualified



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